of giving expert evidence in both Civil and Criminal cases

Consultant Neuropsychologist

Chartered Psychologist

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“I have worked with Dr Priestley clinically and medico-legally for over twenty years and when asked, he remains my number one recommendation for a Neuropsychology expert. On reflection, I have invariably judged a colleague by asking whether I would go to them personally or for my family if needed, and I would not hesitate to ask for Dr Priestley. As an expert witness, he is a Neuroscientist whose objective and insightful understanding of neurocognitive and neurobehavioural problems combined with his skill when formulating and communicating his opinion makes him a highly valued colleague who I would always prefer to have on my side.”

Dr Bruce Scheepers, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Dr Bruce Scheepers

Dr. Priestley’s reports are clear, concise and authoritative.  He is a commanding presence in Court: able to explain and defend his position persuasively.  An expert of choice.”

Adam Weitzman QC

Adam Weitzman QC

“Dr Nicolas Priestley has been my professional colleague for over 20 years. We share an interest in those who have suffered traumatic brain injury. As a neuropsychologist, Dr Priestley has accumulated a wealth of understanding and experience of the long-term effects of head injury, encompassing the entire spectrum from the subtle to the most severe. He has a fine ability for interpreting cognitive test results in terms of their impact on the day-to-day life of the patient. I have always had confidence in his judgemental skills and opinions and I frequently recommend him to instructing solicitors especially for the more complex or challenging cases.”

Mr David J Price, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Mr David J Price

“Dr Priestley is a pleasure to work with not least because he understands the reality of living with a brain injury. He has a rare combination of a sharp academic and clinical mind, excellent preparation skills and a compelling and empathetic manner with his clients.”

Jackie Parker, Brain Injury Case Manager and Director of J S Parker Ltd

Jackie Parker

“His opinions have invariably been arrived at after meticulous consideration of all the available evidence and a thorough and fair assessment of the individual Claimant. Without trespassing into other areas of expertise, he provides a helpful and practical approach when discussing matters with experts from other disciplines when considering the day-to-day consequences of injury on a particular Claimant.  I always feel confident that Dr Priestley will be able to explain his opinions cogently, clearly and persuasively, even under the most challenging questioning in Court.”

Jane McNeill QC

Jane McNeill QC

“Dr Priestley is one of the leading neuropsychologists practicing in the medico legal area in the UK today. His approaches to evidence gathering, reasoning and decision making exemplify good practice in this often complex arena. His work has helped to set the barr over many years for neuropsychologists wishing to help inform the Court on neuropsychological matters. His professionalism means that he is a highly sought after expert, clinician and professional mentor. Only a select group of other practitioners could claim similar experience and expertise. His reports are of the highest standard, robustly supported by rigorous evidence collection and sound reasoning.”

Dr David Manchester, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr David Manchester