of giving expert evidence in both Civil and Criminal cases

Consultant Neuropsychologist

Chartered Psychologist

Registered Clinical Psychologist

About Nicolas Priestley

Dr Priestley is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist who has established rehabilitation services in the NHS for brain injured people which are both community-based and within a residential setting. Dr Priestley has a particular interest in the behavioural problems of brain-injured people. He specialises in the neuropsychological assessment of acquired brain injury and the design and implementation of rehabilitation programmes for brain injured patients. Dr Priestley is also a Clinical Psychologist registered with and approved by the Ministère de la Santé de la Famille et des Personnees Handicapées in France where he is also in independent clinical practice, treating both post head injury problems and emotional disorders. Dr Priestley has published research papers in the field of memory impairments and brain injury rehabilitation and is a guest speaker at conferences. He prepares approximately 100 medico-legal reports per year and is instructed by solicitors acting for both Claimant and Defendant. He is instructed as a Single Joint Expert. He is also instructed in criminal cases. Dr Priestley has attended medico-legal training events organised both by The Academy of Experts and also by Bond Solon.